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Tx-Myntra.com E-Gift Code Rs.2500
10,000 coins
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A top online fashion destination for men and women, Myntra offers a choice collection of fashion clothing, accessories and footwear. The range of products at Myntra.com is mind-blowing. One can browse for jeans, tops, shirts, nightwear, leather handbags, backpacks, travel bags, dresses and so much more. Myntra spoils its customers with an ever-changing range of fashions, making it difficult to truly enjoy shopping elsewhere.

  • e-Gift Voucher is redeemable only on Myntra marketplace platform.
  • e-Gift Voucher shall have a minimum validity period of 12 months.
  • e-Gift Voucher cannot be used to purchase other Gift Card.
  • Multiple E- Gift Cards can be clubbed in a single order. You can combine a maximum of 15 E- Gift Cards in a single order at the time of checkout.
  • e-Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or credit and cannot be reloaded.
  • e-Gift Voucher can be redeemed online against sellers listed on www.myntra.com or Myntra Mobile App only.
  • In cases where the order is cancelled, the e-Gift Voucher amount shall be refunded to the source e-Gift Voucher.
  • The balance amount, if any, of the cost of the item being purchased by the Customer, after the discount has been availed, will have to be paid by the Customer at the time of purchase. If the order value exceeds the e-Gift Voucher amount, the balance must be paid by Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking/Cash on delivery.
  • All taxes, duties, levies or other statutory dues and charges payable in connection with the benefits accruing under the offer shall be borne solely by the Customer.
  • If the order value is less than the amount of the e-Gift Voucher, the outstanding balance (after deduction of order value) will reflect under the same e-Gift Voucher and can be used for subsequent transactions.
  • For individual retail customers e-Gift Voucher can be purchased on www.myntra.com or Myntra Mobile App using the following payment modes only - Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.
  • e-Gift Voucher can be redeemed by selecting the payment mode as Gift Card.
  • You are solely responsible for the safety and security of the e-Gift Voucher. myntra.com are not responsible for any acts of omission or commission if Gift Card is lost, stolen or used without permission.
  • e-Gift Voucher can be used during sales period.
  • Balance amount can be carried forward for the next balance & the balance amount can be checked via Myntra app
  • Once the e-Gift Voucher has been sent to the customer, then the customers are bound to protect the e-Gift Voucher PIN or e-Gift Voucher number. In the event of any misuse of e-Gift Voucher due to loss of any such confidential details due to the fault of the purchaser/customer, myntra.com shall not be held responsible for the same and no refund can be issued against such e-Gift Voucher.
  • Myntra.com assume no responsibility for the products purchased using the e-Gift Voucher and any liability thereof is expressly disclaimed. Product warranty shall be regulated by the terms and conditions mentioned on the warranty card of respective products.
  • Validity of e-Gift Voucher cannot be extended, new e-Gift Voucher cannot be provided against the expired/unused e-Gift Voucher.
  • Myntra reserves the right to cancel the e-Gift Voucher if the same have been found to be purchased with fraudulent means and/or the beneficiary/Know Your Customer (""""KYC"""") details as per RBI Guidelines are found to be incorrect/insufficient. In such cases, the funds shall be credited back to the same source from where these were received.
  • You agree and understand that e-Gift Voucher are a pre-paid payment Instrument subjected to regulations by RBI Under the RBI guidelines, Myntra may be required to share KYC details of the purchaser/ redeemer of the Gift Card and/or any other information with relation
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