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PHILIPS Audio TAE1126 Wired In-Ear Headphone with Dynamic Bass and Mic
2,600 coins
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Product Description

Powerful 10mm drivers for dynamic bass and clear sound. In-line integrated mic and pick up button for convenient calls. With the integrated microphone and call button you can use this Philips headset for music as well as calls from your mobile phone. Enjoy handsfree calling, while easily accepting and ending calls from your headset. The ideal cable length to give you the freedom to put your audio device where you want. The Super-small speaker drivers of these Philips earphones fit comfortably inside the ear and thanks to the exceptionally snug fit the outside noise is sealed out for high-intensity listening experience.

  • A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use
  • 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear
  • Integrated microphone & call button
  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
  • Rubberized cable relief enhances durability
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