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Divinehaat Copper Bottle (900 Ml)
4,080 coins
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Product Description
Benefits of Copper Bottle- Improves digestion Removes bacteria amnd impurities Stimulation brain Heals wounds faster Controls diabetes Reduce bad cholesterol Improevs skin and melanin production Regulates thyroid function Reduces arthritis pains Dissolves kidney stones Relieve anemia Fights cancer Slows down ageing Specification- 99.9% pure copper Seamless bottle Light-weight and easy to carry Fits most school bags holder Usage intorductions- Copper meant only for drinking water Drink water stored overnight in copper bottle Clean bottle every night before filling Clean with soft brush and lemon/vinegar/baking soda Do not expose bottle to direct heat No microwave/dishwasher safe.

Note:-Colour will be dispatch, as per availability.

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